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The evolving industrial perspective in India has resulted in a revolution in computer processing pace, figures storage, chip drafting, large figures analytics, cloud computing, and initiated the worldwide website implements.

These evolutions have radically modified social and observable ways of many Indians and because of it, of thousands of its industries. This has resulted in fast development and the want to swiftly find the right skill for enlarging and securing the professional space for nonstop and uninterrupted delivery of its different services.

As Top job consultants in Bangalore our skills in many Technology sectors like IT products, IT services, assist us in exploring the ever-changing wants of the Technology business. We aim at bringing change for both regular and new Tech suppliers


  • IT Products
  • IT Services
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Engineering

Key Searches

  • VP - IT Engineering
  • CTO - IT Infrastructure
  • VP - Marketing & Sales
  • VP - Network & Security
  • Head - Network & Security
  • Director - Technology


The electronic business center in India has seen an impressive development in the last one decade and continues to expand at a yearly rate unlike the rest of the Globe. The succeeding age group advancement propellers in the electronic business department are the quickly-becoming level-II and level-III cities in India.

Advancement of Internet networks, mobile telephone control, and improving living patterns are quickening the enormous development. Depositing and payment services have been the major domineering administrators of electronic business in India, which have seen electronic shopping and trips categorization today interesting the largest amounts of electronic dealings.

Development in the indian market is increasing the need for skilled talent in the electronic business department.3lead Job recruitment agencies have been working in the Internet based companies from the time world wide website established these platforms.


  • ISP Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media
  • Internet Database Services

Key Searches

  • Head - Digital Marketing
  • VP Marketing - Mobility Services
  • Head - Data Analytics
  • IT Director - Digital Media
  • Head - CMS Services


The Telecom business is in a phase of amalgamation after noticing an enormous improvement for the past few years. However, the Telecom department is likely to generate a small number of present-day works to support technological evolution, and the introduction of new participants in the sector.

These key managers will be involved in deciding the market financing and distribution of independent operators in the business. This is where at 3leads Overseas recruitment consultants in Bangalore; we become the commonly trusted participants for our customers by obtaining talent from everywhere in the business, to handle their professional requirements.

We have appointed group specializing in the Telecom segment to offer talent solutions on all verticals, including Telecom partners. Furthermore, this qualified group of consultants provides excellent services to all customers.


  • Internet & Broadband / Wifi Services
  • Telecom Global Services
  • Telecom Vendors
  • Telecom Networking
  • Device Handset

Key Searches

  • Principle Engineer - LTE / 5G
  • Sr. Protocol Engineer
  • Telecom Infstructure Architect
  • VP - Network & Security
  • Lead - Mobility Services
  • Director - Operator Business


The Indian FMCG segment has become a space for high competitiveness. The market is greatly divided for almost half portions with products made at home that are not yet branded and packed. Well recognized dissemination networks, economical managing prices, quick accessibility of raw substances, and the existence over the whole value chain are the features distinctly helpful of the FMCG segment in India.

FMCG experts in the selling sector are considered the leading, with the majority of the leading companies globally. Sales & marketing experts from FMCG organizations have been plundered by organizations from different fields and the tendency is likely to remain.

Our network of skilled recruiters cooperates closely to make sure that we can equate our skills and experience to our customer's organization demands.


  • Food and Beverages
  • Nutritions
  • MLM Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care

Key Searches

  • CMO - Skin & Body Care
  • CIO - Food & Packaging
  • Head - Corporate Affairs
  • Manager - SCM
  • IT Director - Digital Media
  • HR Head - FMCG


The Retail business in India is among the hastily evolving segments –locally as well as globally. With a rise in obtainable revenues and economics for clients, the segment is undergoing a gradual growth. With the more easing of rules controlling FDI in India, capital invested by many nations is on a constant increase.

Scheduled Retailing is the workforce exhaustive and is the second-highest employer in India. The latest outline shows that there will be a higher requirement for the workforce to match the range of objectives of several Retailers in the coming days.

We are Top job consultants in Bangalore with a committed team of experts, and acknowledge the specific needs of our customers. We assist our customers in, identification appraisal and hiring, payroll management and talent acquisitions.


  • Auto Dealers - Retail
  • Trading - Retail
  • Electronics & appliances - Retail
  • Sourcing - Retail
  • Departmental Store - Retail

Key Searches

  • GM - Marketing
  • Head - Inventory
  • VP - Operations
  • Head - Legal Services
  • Head - HR
  • IT Manager

Consumer Durables

The consumer business in India has been experiencing an extraordinary speed of development, mainly influenced by the improved living standard and available earnings. We’ve also discovered an increase in requirements for consumer durables.

The business envelops a display of the same products which are capable of being replaced with different brands. In these extremely competitive conditions, it becomes crucial for organizations to have planned differentials to solely display their brand above the benefit of other products.

The increased competitiveness and the high rate creativity that sets the Consumer Durables business at the crux of recruiting and maintaining the most creative and powerful directors that are gifted to promote their products through numerous uncertainties facing the business regularly.

Our Job recruitment agencies have committed consultants, with their great understanding of the segment, to assist business links with the required talent.


  • Home Appliances
  • Sports Equipments
  • Building Materials
  • Electrical Equipements
  • Textiles Segments
  • Televison Segments

Key Searches

  • Manager - Corporate HR
  • Solution Architect
  • ASM - TV Segments
  • Manager-Rural Consumer
  • Manager - Channel Sales
  • Building Products Manufacturer
Consumer Durables


The Indian Electronics business is one of the quickest developing businesses in India, driven by development in major segments such as information technology, customer electronics, and telecom.

There is a pool of distinctly professional and experienced engineers, which has drawn numerous global businesses to structure their R&D centres in the nations. The skills pool is essentially focused on a small number of metros, hence repositions them to minor towns.

High deterioration percentage due to little availability of skills accessible for both producers and machine suppliers is the other cause for the scarcity of talented hands.

As an Overseas recruitment consultant in Bangalore we assist customers with the hiring and growth of experience and people administration activities. We have verified follow up data in recognizing the best and middle administration applicants for many start-up businesses. We have the key expertise and network to help customers in acquiring the appropriate applicants.


  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Semiconductor & Chip Designing
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Chemical

Key Searches

  • Sr. Engineer - Civil
  • FTL / RTL Engineer
  • R&D Engineer - Mechanical
  • Software Engineer - QT
  • Project Manager - Chemical
  • PMO Officer


The Industrial Department in India is confident for a period of extraordinary progress because of strategies like the ‘Make in India’ campaign and higher limits on FDI in different departments.

The executive is unlocking the financial resources and stimulating bigger capitals. These capitals are mainly intended at upgrading construction and setting up indemnity Businesses in India. With bigger capitals expected into the business department in the nearby future, the need for experienced employees is set to increase rampantly.

3leads HR Experts, recognize these advancing trends and work as a consistent unit across different departments to handle changing wants and beliefs of our customers by assisting them to hire the right applicants with the required expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, our experts are domain specialists who have used their first years in vital business across roles.


  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Cements
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Mining
  • Utility

Key Searches

  • Business Manager - Polyster
  • CMO - Cement Segment
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Egnineer - Mining
  • Civil Architect


The Automobile market is quickly developing into a competitive and more experienced sector. The demands of the clients are being satisfied with greater professionalism and customization. Nearly every key international player in the Automobile and auto-components business is establishing manufacturing plants in India to satisfy the local and international requirements.

The business’s distinctly competitive surrounding results into a strong requirement for the highly ranked administrator who can successfully direct industries through difficult moments. This drift has positioned India as the Centre of talent for the Automobile industry.

We are Overseas recruitment consultants in Bangalore and we recognize each business and its needs very extensively. Our team of experts with a strong environment of the business across the various levels of the value chain guarantees that we work on these rulings very effectively.


  • Auto Components
  • CAD / CAM Technology
  • Moderen Vechicle Technology
  • Automative Engineering
  • Aerospace

Key Searches

  • Sr. Engineer - Automobile
  • VP Marketing - Automotive
  • Electric Vehicle Engineer
  • Architect - Automative
  • Sr. Manager - Commercial Vehicle
  • VP Sales - Automobile