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We'll be with you on every walk of life on how to identify new opportunities.

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Theory and analysis are great, but they can't get you far without the best of all teachers: experience. We are a leading IT recruitment consultancy in Bangalore

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3Leads is trusted by some of the most important names in the industry'and you can trust us, too. We are top job placement agencies in Bangalore

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Whatever services we're providing, we back them up with straightforward, thorough communication with our clients.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Data is everywhere, but most organisations aren't using it to its fullest potential. We'll show you how.

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Custom Solutions

Not every organisation is the same, so not every solution can be either. 3Leads works with you.

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At 3Leads, we never stop looking for newer, more effective ways to meet your needs.

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About Us

We offer a full range of Recruitment Services.

3leads Resources is one of the fastest growing Recruitment company in India, primarily focused in Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, Leadership Hiring & Recruitment Software Solutions.

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1.What are the best job consultants in Bangalore?

It is a Herculean effort to sift through all of the applications received in the IT capital of the country. 3Leads is one of the best placement agencies in Bangalore, so you won't have to waste time with candidate screening because they'll do it for you.

2.Is it worth using recruitment consultancies to find jobs in Bangalore?

Yes. The quality of your resume can be improved by using the services offered by some of the placement consultancies in Bangalore that are available to candidates. Before you submit your application to be considered for a position, you are expected to check in with the placement consultancy.

3.I am looking for a Job in an IT company. How should I apply to a recruitment agency?

Don't forget that communication with a recruiter goes both ways. You should develop a solid working relationship with your recruiter. Make yourself more marketable to potential employers by updating your resume and LinkedIn page. You may also need to be adaptable in the interview process by lowering your standards for the ideal job and being open to alternative scheduling arrangements.

4.Does the recruitment agency charge candidates or not?

Individuals sourced by an agency are filling that opening. After hiring one of the agency's applicants, the company will pay the agency. It is common practice for recruitment fees to vary between 15% and 20% of a candidate's first-year compensation; however, for positions that are difficult to fill, this number might climb as high as 30%.

We offer a full range of Recruitment Consultancy Services.